Cancelation Policy

  • There is a 5% percent fee of the total price from your reservation for cancellations made at least 7 days before your arrival date.
  • No refunds apply on the following situations:
    • Cancellations made less than 7 days before the arrival date of your reservation.
    • Leaving or arriving different days of the reservation dates.
    • Not staying the full length of your reservation
    • Guests that don't check in.

Booking terms and conditions

  • Please notice, we are not a hotel but a private owned house in a residential area with apartments for short term rental. There is no room service, checking desk or any other hotel service during your stay.
  • If you haven’t provided passport copies of all the guests before arriving, the checking form has to be filled out. By Swiss law we are required to collect the details of every guest.
  • Pets are not allowed.
  • Smoking is allowed but we kindly ask you to use the balconies, there is a smoke detector inside the apartment and it will make a very loud noise if it detects smoke.
  • Turn off the lights every time you leave the apartment, this is to save energy.
  • During winter, please open the windows 10 minutes during the morning and the evening especially on the bathroom, this is to prevent humidity condensation inside the house as well to let oxygen in.
  • But please don't forget to close the windows when the heating is on, if you feel cold it's because the heating shuts down automatically when the windows are open. This is to save energy.
  • Do not put trash in the grey containers outside of the house, the city of Zürich has very special requirements for garbage disposal. Before putting anything in those containers, it must be inside the special Züri-Säck 35lt bag from the city of Zürich, available at the supermarket. If you are comming for a short stay, please put all your rubbish in the designated areas at the kitchen.
  • If the Züri-Säck is full, you can put it on the grey container in front of the garage door.
  • Since we do not have an in-house cleaning maid. If you are coming for more than a week and are in need of a weekly cleaning, there is an online service called Batmaid ( where you can hire a cleaning maid at your convenience, you can also choose to paid at the time of the booking and we will hire it for you.
  • Lastly, this will be your apartment for the next few days. Please read the manual and keep it clean.

Frequently Asked Questions

The check-in time is at 15:00(3:00pm) and your private code to enter the apartment only starts to work at that time, if you’re arriving early, we can store your luggage at the basement, but you can only enter the apartment at 15:00(3:00pm). The reason is because we need to clean between every guest so you can have a clean and nice apartment when you enter.

The same thing applies at the check-out time. The apartment must be empty at 10:00(am) so we can get the apartment ready for the next guest. If your flight or train leaves later, we can store your luggage, then you can come to pick it up when is your time to leave.

Exceptions to this rule can be made if we don’t have other guest leaving or arriving that same day, please ask beforehand.

We offer one free parking space subject to availability, please ask beforehand. If the parking is not available you can also park on the street (blue zone) according to the city of Zurich rules, which are: Free from 19:00 to 9:00, during the day only for one hour at time and free all day on Sunday. If you plan to park your car at the street the full day, you must buy a parking ticket from the city of Zürich which can be purchased online and printed.

Buy Blue Zone daily permits here (German only)

If you come with an electric vehicle, we have a semi public Type2 7Kw EV charger.

How to start a charge?

  1. Download the myWallbox App
  2. Create an account and scan the charger QR code with Pay Per Charge
  3. Follow the instructions in the app

Cost: 1.00 CHF + 0.35 CHF/kWh

Waserstrasse at 250 meters (820ft) away.

Zurich HB (Central Station) at 20min bus ride from our stop (Waserstrasse). Or Zürich Stadelhofen, you can also take the bus there, but you have to walk around 500 meters after the bus stop.

The normal bus works until 00:00 (12:00pm) and it arrives every 7 minutes, after that there is a night bus that works until 5:00 (am) but it’s a longer route and takes about one hour to arrive here.

Yes, there are several TRAM lines on this side of the lake, however they don’t reach our neighborhood, you always have to take a bus to come here.

Yes, it does.

Of course! You can even go to Russia from the Central Station. There are trains to everywhere in Europe. You can search for Swiss Pass on the internet.

Yes, it is (Read the amenities section).

We have 3 Supermarkets all located behind the house in a shopping mall at 280 meters (980ft), those are Aldi, Denner and Migros.

There is small restaurant/coffee shop on the shopping mall behind the house. Remember this is a residential area, so if you fancy something more exquisite, we recommend you to go down to the city center where you will find more variety. Also, services like JustEat work here and you can order anything from a variety of restaurants around.

We are not in close walking distance to the lake, walking there will take you about 45 minutes. Consider also that we are on a hill, so the walk down is easier than the return walk. That said the bus can let you on a close walking distance from the lake. The best spots on this side of the lake for bathing or family activities are Strandbad Tiefenbrunnen and the Chinagarten.

We have mesh network to provide Wi-Fi in all the house. The internet speed is 1Gbit/ by ethernet cable and about 500Mbit/s trough Wi-fi.