We must help build a more sustainable future for everyone. In Luegete 28, we remain committed to sustainability and encourage our guests to join us in improving the health of our planet. Here are some of the practices that help us to minimize our carbon footprint:


Embracing Solar Energy

We have been operating a thermal solar system on our roof for 11 years and produce 98% of the heat required for hot water and heating from March to October. We also use the heat the rest of the time, depending on the solar radiation.

Conserving Energy

  • Smart radiators thermostats help us to save up to 30% of gas per year.
  • Windows are double glazed to conserve heat during winter.
  • Smart switches controlled by presence detectors.
  • 90% of energy efficient LED bulbs.

Using Less Water

  • We encourage the use of water tap over mineral water from the supermarket.
  • Soda Stream system to make your own sparkling water.
  • Water efficient toilets, showers and lavabos.
  • We use the rainwater to irrigate our garden.

Reducing Waste

  • No single use toiletries.
  • Refillable soap and shampoo bottles.
  • Recycling is encouraged.


We do our own compost. All compostable waste becomes the best compost soil as fertilizer for lawns and beds. We use no artificial fertilizers if possible.

Promoting E-mobility

We have a charging station for electric cars, it's not only available to the residents and guest of the house but also to the neighbors if possible.