House Rules

  1. Please take out your shoes and let them in grey rug at the apartment entrance, the floors are clean, you can walk without shoes.
  2. If you haven’t filled the online check-in form with the data of all the guests before arriving, the check-in form inside the apartment has to be filled out. By Swiss law we are required to collect the details of every guest.
  3. Smoking is allowed but we kindly ask you to use the balconies, there is a smoke detector inside the apartment and it will go on with a very loud noise once it detects smoke.
  4. Turn off the lights every time you leave the apartment, this is to save energy.
  5. Do not put anything in the rubbish containers outside the house before reading the garbage disposal instructions.
  6. Please do not take the bathroom towels to the lake or use them to clean your sunscreen. The stain made by sunscreen on white towels is almost impossible to remove and we will have to ditch them.
  7. During winter, please open the windows at least 10 minutes during the morning and the evening especially on the bathroom, this is to prevent humidity condensantion inside the house.
  8. Please don't forget to close the windows when the heating is on, if you feel cold it's because the heating shuts down automatically when the windows are open. This is to save energy.
  9. Since we are not a hotel, we do not have an in-house cleaning maid. If you are coming for more than a week and are in need of a weekly cleaning, there is a online service called Batmaid where you can hire a cleaning maid at your convenience.
  10. Lastly, this is your apartment for the next few days. Please read the manual and keep it clean.

House Manual



Drinking water

  • You don't have to buy bottled water, the tap water in Zurich is one of the cleanest in the world and is totally drinkable.
  • With the Soda-Stream/Soda-Club you can make sparkling water.
  • If the gas bottle is empty please notify us and we can exchange it for you. The gas bottle can be refilled please do not put it away.

Induction stove

  • Saves 30% of electricity.
  • Only uses special induction pans, any other pan will not work.
  • Unlike a gas stove, it heats very fast: We recommend to put it betwen 5 & 7 of power.
  • If you press the power button it will go on a super heat mode: Use this only to heat water very fast.
  • It will stop automatically when there is no pan on the stove.

Coffee Machine

  • We have a Nespresso and an Espresso coffee machines.
  • The Nespresso machine uses capsules. Simply start the machine by pressing any button then insert a capsule and press the button for your desire coffee size again.
  • To make coffee on the Espresso machine, press the power button and after the temperature reaches almost the red zone on the indicator, press the coffee cup button to start serving.
  • There is a milk foamer on the right that you can use to make Latte Macchiato.
  • Be sure there is water in the reservoir before starting the machines.

Tea Kettle

  • Put water and press the switch down the handle to start heating.
  • It goes off automatically when the water boils but you can also stop it using the switch.


  • First select the power with one the round buttons.
  • Second select the desired time with the knob.
  • Finally press the start button.
  • To heat food please use the cover.
  • To heat water or soup use 1000w during 1min 15s for each deciliter.


  • The one on the first floor apartment has 3 trays:
    • Dishes go in the bottom.
    • Cups and glasses in the middle.
    • And silverware at the top.
  • Please use the normal program.

Garbage Disposal/Recycling


Where to put each type of trash

You must separate them by type:

  • Biodegradables: we do our own compost, you can put them in the small container under the kitchen sink, it has a green or paper bag, please do not use this bags for anything else, they are special biodegradable bags.
  • Glass / Metal / PET / Paper: in the containers at the kitchen balcony (Please wash things before to prevent bad odor).
  • All the rest: in the container under the kitchen sink (it has a black plastic bag).

If you come for a more than a week or want to do your own recycling:

  • You need to buy the special Zürich garbage collection bags(Züri-Sack 35 Liters) at the nearest supemarket, they sell them at the cashier. When they are full you can put them in the grey rubbish container at the front of the garage.
  • Please do not put any other type of bags or trash in the rubbish container at the garage without a Züri-Sack.
  • The biodegradables can be put in the garden compost barrels, they are made of a metal net and located under the trees at the right side of the house entrance.
  • Crossing the main street(Witikonerstrasse) you will see the special containers for recycling glass and metal.
  • The PET bottles can be recycled at the ALDI supermarket.
  • The paper/cardboard as well magazines or catalogs you can give it to us, we can put it outside when the cardboard or paper pickup truck arrives.

What counts as Biodegradable?

Anything organic, like food, fruits or vegetables. Also small pieces of paper like napkins but nothing that contains metal or plastic.




  • There is toilet paper, cleaning supplies as well bags for the small trashcan on the cabinets.
  • The shampoo, conditioner and soap in the shower are made for sensitive skin types.
  • If your stay exceeds a week, you are expected to buy your own supplies like shampoo, soap and toilet paper after they've run out.
  • You can wash the towels in the washing machine at the basement, please dont mix them with any other color than white.


  • You can read temperature at the thermometer.
  • The big bathtub can be used for up to two persons.
  • Please do not throw food in the shower drain, it will get blocked.

The Toilet / Bidet

  • The toilet has an odor extractor.
  • For a complete cleaning after doing your business, you can use the remote control inserted in the right side or the big oval button to activate the bidet.
  • If you haven't used a bidet before, don't be afraid it's just a water cleansing, saves toilet paper and believe me, it's worthy.

Towels Radiator

  • During winter the radiator works with the central heating for drying the towels.
  • In summer you can use it with electricity. Just Push the square button at the bathroom entrance. The radiator will heat your towels pleasantly warm during 30 min with electricity. To turn it off just press the square button once again.


  • The windows are soundproof and burglar resistant.
  • They have 3 positions:
    • Downward: closed
    • Horizontal: open
    • Upward: tilt / semi-open
  • During winter, when a window is open the heating turns itself off to save energy.

Laundry Room


The washing and dryer machines are shared. They are located in the basement. To go there, open the small white door at the main entrance of the house, after the stairs open the second door at the left, it has a picture with a washing machine. There is a table with soap and softener.

The buttons on both machines are in German and French but they are generic and self-explanatory. If you need help you can ask us.